Blogging Services

There’s no better way to create natural links back to your site and create user engagement than with blogging. Blogging is the act of writing content, specific to your industry, product or service. By consistently adding new, fresh content to your website by way of blogging, you’ll be adding to the depth of your website, while becoming a resource for readers and end-users.

Visonisto Blog Management and Blog Management Service

Our content writing team will research your product, service and/or industry and curate content that will help keep users engaged and coming back to your site in the future. By keeping readers on your website, clicking to additional interior blog pages, they are signaling to Google and other major search engines that your site is helpful and, most likely, providing a resource to the internet. Become a resource for end-users is the ultimate signal to Google and other search engines that your website deserves to be higher ranked than your competition.

We’ll engage your customer and open up conversation if needed to help deliver your company message or product overview. Additionally, customers are now more likely to search using “long-tail” keywords, which blogging is the perfect way to help capture these searches. A quick example: “How do I used my Widget Company HGY778 Universal Remote?” We would simply use this question as a blog topic and write a posting related to using that product. This is just a small example of how blogging and blog management services can help increase your exposure, while creating natural links and increasing SEO rankings.

“I’m interested in your Blog Management Service.  What can I expect with the service?”

Great question! Here’s what’s included in our Blog Writing and Blog Management Service:

  • Research topics for ongoing blog writing
  • Research and understand the targeted audience
  • Incorporate keywords strategically throughout the content
  • Create original and unique content for your blog
  • Update your XML sitemap and submit to Google
  • Take that blog posting URL and share on social media
  • Post the blog URL and post to bookmarking sites for increase visibility
  • Interlink the content to other blog postings and related pages within the site
  • Track page views and click through rates through Google Analytics

Simply having a blog on your website is only a small part of the marketing process. By hiring a professional blog writing team and blog management service, you can ensure your content and subject matter is focused on generating NEW business, as well as retaining your current clients with hyper-focused information. With our blog writing and management service, we always write blog postings using your brand voice to ensure a common identity. Using this technique will not only retain current clients, but help wrangle new potential users and readers with helpful information related to their search queries.

Ok, I’m Interested. So, What’s the Cost?

Our Blog Writing and Blog Management service is a lot more cost effective than you think. Writing services start at only $99 per month, and include your own writer and all of the perks outlined above. Of course, depending on your needs, we can scale our blog writing and blog management services to fit your needs. More competitive industries may need a bit more work and a larger package, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We’re always here to help!

To get started with our Blogging Services, simply click here to contact us today!