Video SEO Services

As most SEO agencies and experts now realize, getting to the top of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing is becoming harder than ever. A mix of growing competition, intricate strategy and more frequent algorithm changes, make traditional SEO a thinking man’s game.


Why Video SEO?

Here at Visionisto Media, we see the glass as half full and always look to provide innovative marketing strategies that return a healthy ROI. With Video SEO, you can reach a whole new audience, while reveling another side of your marketing and advertising. With Video SEO, there is always value in the production and materials produced. The videos can now be used as marketing tools for delivering content, SEO, backlinks, email marketing, sales intros and more.

As with all of our SEO services at Visionisto, we take great pride in producing a high quality product, that can benefit small businesses. Video SEO is no different. Our Video SEO services are customized and produced to be impactful, informational or even viral.

Our Video SEO services may be purchased as a one-off, a la carte product or part of a complete SEO marketing package that brings your small business to the next level.

What Are the Benefits of Video SEO?

  • Custom script for your business
  • Professional actor
  • Engaging and stands out amongst text SEO results
  • High quality, professional optimized videos rank higher over 50% of the time
  • Optimized script and transcripts assist with SEO efforts
  • Enable video tracking through Google Analytics

What’s Included in Visionisto’s Video SEO Services?

  • Script writing
  • Actor or Actress
  • Professional voice-over
  • Post production
  • Full optimization of the video file
  • Uploading to your YouTube account (or creating)
  • Video syndication – promotion of the video through various channels and social media
  • Keyword reporting
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • And more!

Our Video SEO packages start at only $199 per video.  Contact us today for more information and for custom pricing.