Social Media

Social Media Marketing, Management and Optimization

Your Voice- Social media marketing and management is a topic that has been in high demand as of late. Social media websites seem to grow and multiply by the day, but how to you keep track? Even when you manage to create different business profiles, how do you accurately and aggressively share your brand and content through these channels?

With our social media marketing and management services we actively spread your content -whether blog posts, articles, press releases or even simply a daily update – through various social media networks and channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more!

Time to Get Loud –Beyond sharing your message, our social media marketing and management services go one step beyond the competition, in that we can actually create the content, blog posts and articles to actively submit. We maintain a staff of college educated, internet marketing and social media savvy content writers to curate a specific brand message to your readers, users and subscribers. We take a proactive approach to not only building a new readership and fan base, but keep your readers actively engaged with current content that’s inline with your brand’s message.

Let’s Start Planning- From the start, you’ll be involved in the planning of your new social media marketing strategy and planning. We’ll analyze your current social media marketing strategy – if any – and plan according to your needs and goals. Social media marketing and management is something that should not be taken lightly, as it’s a channel that does not show any signs of a downturn.


Some of our social media marketing and management strategies include:

  • Blog writing and posting
  • Article writing
  • Press release distribution
  • Message adaptation
  • Multimedia usage
  • Engagement in LOCAL social media outlets – like Yelp
  • Contests
  • Facebook Page Like development
  • Telling, not just selling
  • Social media ads – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising

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